West Texas Electrical JATC
West Texas Electrical JATC

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Apprentice Services


TradeSchool Web Services

TradeSchool Web Service will allow you to check your hours, pay rate, etc. You can also change your basic contact information and input work reports.

LMS Blended Learning

You will complete the lessons assigned by your instructor from the LMS website

Math Refresher Resource

This link will take you to the Khan Academy website, which is a free math refresher course.

TDLR Apprentice License

You can apply for or renew your TDLR Apprentice License. Reminder: While registered with the program through the Department of Labor you are not required to take the 4 hours of continuing education required by the TDLR. 

TDLR Journeyman License Application

You can print the TDLR Journeyman License Application. The last two pages are the ones that need to be filled out by each contractor and signed by their master of record. 

Texas Workforce Commission

You can apply for Unemployment Benefits. Reminder: Since you are working under a collective bargaining agreement, you are not required to look for a job while receiving benefits. Make sure and let the TWC know you are affiliated with IBEW 602. 

Apprentice Forms


Absentee Form

If you miss a class, whether for an excused or unexcused reason, you are required to fill out an Absentee Form. If a form is not filled out within two weeks of the absence, the absence will be considered unexcused.

Absentee Form

Monthly Work Report

Monthly work reports are due by the 15th of each month for the previous months hours. The primary method for submittal is by using TradeSchool Web Services. However, if necessary you can use the Monthly Work Report as an alternate means. 

Downloadable Form

Instructor Survey

Periodically I will ask all apprentices to fill out a Class Evaluation Survey by email. However, you can submit a survey at any time if you like. 

Fill out Survey

Evaluation Score Sheet

You can access your employer evaluations in TradeSchool Web Services. This Evaluation Score Sheet shows a breakdown on how the evaluations are scored. 

Insurance Enrollment Form

Any time your status changes ( for example: getting married or having a child) you will need to submit a new Insurance Enrollment Form​

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IBEW Scholarship Program

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